• The Battle of Wonderland
  • First Flight
  • Elipsos
  • Carousel
  • Insignificant
  • Some Forgotten Color
  • The Wolf and the Hawk


Engineered and produced by Antoine Dufour, Spencer’s debut release contains seven original compositions each as diverse has his influences. Ranging from reflective to rhythmic (often within the same song) each track on Some Forgotten Color shares the common thread of a captivating and memorable sense of melody.


All songs engineered, produced and mixed by Antoine Dufour (except Some Forgotten Color – engineered and produced by Jack Griffith, edited and mixed by Antoine Dufour).


Photography and design by Steve Payne.

Spencer plays: · Fan-Fret Jumbo guitar by Jedidiah Wiebe – Jedidiah’s Planet Saving Guitars; and · Baritone Jumbo guitar by Trevor Kronbauer.

Some Forgotten Color

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    © 2019 Spencer Elliott

    Background Image by Kevin Jack

    Spencer Elliott's finger style guitar compositions contain rich melodic and percussive landscapes that you can hear on his three Candy Rat releases or live at a gig near you.