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Spencer Elliott turned his focus to progressive instrumental steel string guitar in 2007. Spending several years taking inspiration from and studying compositions by the likes of Hedges, Ross, McKee and Dufour, among others. (All while maintaining a love for influences ranging from Beethoven to Billie Holiday to Bad Brains). Once Spencer began to write progressive finger style pieces, his compositional elements pulled not only from his piano background but also from his affinity for edgier guitar music. His compositions contain rich melodic and percussive landscapes that fuse his contrasting influences and place them on full display. Spencer has performed with numerous international modern fingerstyle guitarists including DonRoss, Antoine DuFour, Luca Stricagnoli and Alexander Misko.

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+2 million views

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+4 million plays


“Great catchy riffs, strong melodies and song structures, recognizable and unique sound signature, Spencer Elliott just writes gorgeous music.”

– Antoine Dufour

“Such skillful playing and composition which truly leads the mind somewhere beyond itself, which is the ultimate goal.”

– Jon Gomm

“Elliott's subtle yet dynamic use of bends, vibrato and percussive rhythm create musical space that envelopes mind, spirit and body”

– Minor 7th

“Elliott is a true composer who uses elements of progressive rock, funk, and metal to explore the unknown and push the boundaries. He has certainly achieved the goal that many musicians strive for—creating his own original. ”

- Red Rock Magazine


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