Tremendous thanks go out to:

Jack Griffith and Steve Payne for believing in me;

Antoine Dufour, Andy McKee and Craig D'Andrea for the inspiration and the encouragement;

Rob Poland for taking a chance on me;

Jedidiah Wiebe for such an amazing instrument;

Mark Grover for a wonderful job on transcription;

Anne-Marie, Devin and Riley - for supporting me.


​Some Forgotten Color

The Battle of Wonderland                C  G  D  G  B  E
First Flight                                      C  G  D  G  B  C
Elipsos                                               D  G  D  F A D
Carousel                                             C  G  D  G A# D
Insignificant                                   B  F# D F# B  D
Some Forgotten Color (Baritone)    C  E  A  D F# B  

The Wolf and the Hawk                      B F# C# E B D#​



Thank You


The Tournament                                  A  E  C  G  A  E

Rain Shadow                                       A  E  C  G  A  E

Time Stands Still (Baritone)           G  D  A  B  D  B

Yin                                                      C# G# C# E B D#

Torque                                                C  G  C  G  A# C

Unspoken                                            A  F  C  G  B  C



"Spencer is writing some of the best music I've heard in a while. The first time I listened to these songs, it gave me a similar feeling to when I first heard the music of Don Ross or Antoine Dufour.  I believe Spencer's music is bound to get out there in a big way."  - Rob Poland 

"Spencer's music is definitely unique.  He layers great melodies over percussive back beats and grooves that are influenced by rock, alternative, progressive and even grunge music.  I'm really proud to be part of the production of his first EP release on Candyrat." - Antoine Dufour

"To say that Spencer’s music has a cinematic quality would be an understatement. This is wordless music that takes you places." - Rudy Panucci (Pop Cult)

​​Spencer Elliott began composing instrumental music on piano growing up in West Virginia, influenced at the time by contemporary composers like George Winston. He later picked up guitar but was more influenced at that time by punk and progressive alternative music. For more than two decades, Spencer performed as vocalist and occasional guitarist in a number of punk and alternative bands. It wasn’t until 2007 that Spencer turned his focus to progressive instrumental steel string guitar. Spencer spent several years taking inspiration from and studying compositions by the likes of Hedges, Ross, McKee and Dufour, among others. (All while maintaining a love for influences ranging from Beethoven to Billie Holiday to Bad Brains).

Once Spencer began to write progressive finger style pieces, his compositional elements pulled not only from his piano background but also from his affinity for edgier guitar music. Spencer views modern finger style as part of the "Free Space" to borrow a phrase from Ian MacKaye (singer for Minor Threat and Fugazi and owner of fiercely independent record label Dischord Records). It is a place where new and original artistic ideas continue to bloom and are not borne of a profit motive but from a compulsion to be creative. Spencer's debut CandyRat release contains rich melodic and percussive landscapes that fuse his contrasting influences and place them on full display.


I'm excited to have received a pair of custom jumbo/baritone fan fret guitars featuring reclaimed sinker redwood tops built by Trevor Kronbauer.  

Visit Kronbauer Guitars here: 

I also play a Jumbo Fan Fret acoustic made from 100% repurposed wood built by Jedidiah Wiebe.  Visit Jedidiah Planet Saving Guitars here:

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